About Underground Misfits

Underground Misfits is about a group of somewhat highly skilled soldiers that have been brought together to form a special division with the Federal Union of Celestial Knights. Their main purpose is to gather information on Shells and to stop them before they hurt any more civilians.

Being assigned such a mission is tough when they’re still fresh from the Academy. Despite having an unorthodox work method, the Underground Division still manage to accomplish their goals.

Which of course begins to garner attention from other divisions and even enemies of the Knights…

Update schedule: TBD

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi

About the Artist

Dany is an independent comic artist and creator of Underground Misfits. She’s been working on comics off and on for about ten years. Switching to being a full-time artist in late 2020.

She loves bright colors, fashion, and punk rock. Dany also enjoys a variety of foods and loves exploring with her taste buds.